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分享 快乐编程 因为简单所以快乐[Rock]
rock 2010-6-22 11:26
本文为乐博网lob.cn成员Rock原创,可以自由转载和传播,转载请说明出处和作者,如果对本文探讨的内容“快乐编程 因为简单所以快乐 ”感兴趣,欢迎来 交流探讨。 IT技术的脚步飞快奔跑,编程世界中不进则退、不用则废,一个个小小程序员你追我赶,在激烈的 ...
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分享 快速查询ICP备案号的VB.Net源码
rock 2010-6-19 12:58
快速查询ICP备案号的源代码 作者:Rock(乐博网lob.cn成员) 开发平台:VS2005 Windows2003 .Net Framework 2.0 日志里不能上传rar源代码包,我把他发布到论坛了 如图: 源代码: 需要创建 TextBox ...
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分享 SmallBasic API大全-Math属性和方法
rock 2010-6-14 13:36
Math属性和方法 The Math class provides lots of useful mathematics related methods Properties Pi (This property is read-only.) Math.Pi Gets the value of Pi Methods Abs Math.Abs(number) Gets the absolute value of the given number. For example, -32.233 will r ...
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分享 SmallBasic API大全-ImageList属性和方法
rock 2010-6-14 13:35
ImageList属性和方法 This class helps to load and store images in memory. Methods GetHeightOfImage ImageList.GetHeightOfImage(imageName) Gets the height of the stored image. imageNameThe name of the image in memory. ReturnsThe height of the specified image. Get ...
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分享 SmallBasic API大全-GraphicsWindow属性和方法
rock 2010-6-14 13:17
GraphicsWindow属性和方法 The GraphicsWindow provides graphics related input and output functionality. For example, using this class, it is possible to draw and fill circles and rectangles. Properties BackgroundColor GraphicsWindow.BackgroundColor Gets or sets the Background ...
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分享 SmallBasic API大全-Flickr属性和方法
rock 2010-6-14 13:16
Flickr属性和方法 This class provides access to Flickr photo services. Methods GetPictureOfMoment Flickr.GetPictureOfMoment() Gets the url for the picture of the moment. ReturnsA file url for Flickr's picture of the moment GetRandomPicture Flickr.GetRandomPictu ...
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分享 SmallBasic API大全-File属性和方法
rock 2010-6-14 13:12
File属性和方法 The File object provides methods to access, read and write information from and to a file on disk. Using this object, it is possible to save and open settings across multiple sessions of your program. Properties LastError File.LastError Gets or sets the last e ...
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分享 SmallBasic API大全-Dictionary属性和方法
rock 2010-6-14 13:09
Dictionary属性和方法 This class provides access to an online Dictionary service. Methods GetDefinition Dictionary.GetDefinition(word) Gets the definition of a word, in English. wordThe word to define. ReturnsThe definition(s) of the specified word. GetDefinitio ...
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分享 SmallBasic API大全-Arguments属性和方法
rock 2010-6-14 13:07
Desktop属性和方法 This class provides methods to interact with the desktop. Properties Height (This property is read-only.) Desktop.Height Gets the screen height of the primary desktop. Width (This property is read-only.) Desktop.Width Gets the screen width of the p ...
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分享 SmallBasic API大全-Clock的属性和方法
rock 2010-6-14 13:05
Clock的属性和方法 This class provides access to the system clock Properties Date (This property is read-only.) Clock.Date Gets the current system date. Day (This property is read-only.) Clock.Day Gets the current day of the month. Hour (This property is rea ...
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